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At Key we provide a range of additional services that can help both candidates and employers

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We endeavour to be more than your traditional recruitment service provider.  We offer the latest in technology together with REC certified consultants to continually add value to our services and strengthen our business relationship.  We truly believe in testing, monitoring and developing our products to enable our clients businesses to flourish through productivity efficiencies and employee morale.  The partnerships we develop enable our consultants to be highly pro-active, thereby exceeding expectations.

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Payroll Services

We run a full payroll service on behalf of our customers. We manage the process and provide comprehensive and timely reporting to the customer. Our app based technology allows both workers and clients to authorise hours on a daily/weekly basis and automatically integrates with Sage Payroll which reduces errors.

Technology Support

We help both candidates and customers master the technology which is increasingly delivering efficiencies and savings to the recruitment process. We continually explore the markets and invest in technologies to simplify and enable efficiencies.

Executive Search

We are often asked by our customers to help with the recruitment of senior positions in their organisation based on our knowledge and understanding of their business. From North America to UAE, Key Personnel's network of potential candidates continues to expand.

CV Preparation

We help candidates make sure that they communicate the right skills that that they have for the right job. We additionally provide video biographies which when accompanied by a CV, offer a greater insight to the potential candidate's suitability.

Interview Advice

We offer advice to people so that they put their best foot forward for the role that they are applying for. We develop strong relationships with our clients, ensuring that the right candidates are properly prepared for the job opportunity at the interview stage.

Video Technology

We provide, the latest in bespoke video technology. It complies with GDPR and can offer our clients the ability to retain interview recordings, set question interviews, real time interviews accompanied by professional CVs and Eligibility and/or Qualification documents – all in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should You Know?

Yes we can help with the following issues:

  1. Assess whether your business will be exempt from the off-payroll rules or not
  2. Assess which contractors might be affected by the changes
  3. Identify who within your business can make IR35 status decisions – consider engaging with an established external reviewer
  4. Periodically review decisions
  5. Ensure processes are in place to relay status decisions to third parties
  6. Work with employment agencies who already have those processes in place

Please contact Key Personnel for guidance from our team of experts.

Yes, Key Personnel offers payroll only services with management reporting. 

Yes we can help.  Shona Robertson offers a highly discrete and professional service which utilises her extensive international network to source at executive level.  This negates the need for advertising and ensures confidentiality.

Our app based technology enable the temporary worker to input their hours on a daily/weekly basis which is then accessed directly by the Authoriser (password protected), which then notifies the processer within Key Personnel.  This significantly reduces the number of errors and omissions.

Our bespoke video application allows (with candidate permission) each video interview to be recorded and therefore replayed at a later stage – all fully compliant with GDPR.  This has helped many clients in the past in their decision making process.


Key Personnel continually communicate and develop our service.  Whether this be via technology advances, on-site support and/or employment legislation updates, we firmly believe in communicating with our clients on a regular basis.  Some of our existing clients have been working with Key Personnel for nearly 20 years and similarly our longest serving temporary employee – celebrated their 80th birthday last year (after working with Key Personnel for over 15 years).

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