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Key provide an end to end complete service that includes recruitment, induction, training, rota planning, on-site management, payroll services, customer liaison and reporting. We use a mix of our expertise, experience and technology to ensure that your events run smoothly.

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Temporary Recruitment

Utilising our expertise and technology, we have amassed an envious reputation for identifying event staff across a wide range of sectors. Our stringent selection process offers skilled staff for a variety of events throughout the UK. This includes Hospitality, Customer Service, Retail, Security, Management, Marketing, Marshalls, VIP, Sporting Experts and IT to name but a few.


We ensure, prior to any event, that all staff are appropriately informed and understand any health and safety requirements, expected behaviour, history and background to the event, appropriate dress codes/uniforms and overall expectations. We develop bespoke information packs for each event, ensuring all temporary staff are informed prior to the event.


Once again this is a bespoke service which is particular to the nature and length of each event. Our training programmes can be online, on-site and through video and/or face to face meetings. The training is focused on the type of event and the nature of the temporary role which each worker will be fulfilling.

Rota Planning

When planning any event, rota planning is paramount to its smooth and successful delivery. We manage the whole rota process, from conception to completion ensuring all temporary workers are familiar and understand their rota, weeks in advance of any event. The rota is subsequently embedded on the workers app which can additionally be utilised for “logging on” and “logging off” hours. This system can be accessed by Approved Client users at any point leading up to and during the event.

Payroll Services

We run a full payroll service on behalf of our customers. We manage the process and provide comprehensive and timely reporting to the customer. Our app based technology allows both workers and clients to authorise hours on a daily/weekly basis and automatically integrates with Sage Payroll which reduces errors.

On-site Management

We understand the benefits of allowing Clients to remain focused on the actual organisation and successful running of an event. With this in mind, we manage all of the event staff on site , dealing with the day to day issues which can arise with large numbers of temporary personnel. This not only contributes to the overall success of the event but builds strong relationships with the temporary staff on a long term basis.

Customer Liaison

Our history of success in providing temporary event staff lies firmly in our ability to understand the clients objectives both commercially and operationally. In order to realise successful outcomes, we communicate often with the Event Organisers, prior during and after the event. Project milestones are agreed, reviewed and where appropriate adjustments implemented.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should You Know?

Yes, we make sure that we see all candidates and validate their credentials before sending them to an event.

We deploy an experienced Key manager at all events to manage the workers as well as liaising between the customer and any third parties involved.

We run the payroll services for the event and supply the customer with all the relevant paperwork and reports.

We make use of the latest technology and all employees use apps that record their time which is centrally monitored and approved.

There is no substitute for experience which why there is always a Key manager at all events to make sure that when something does go wrong, it can be communicated to the customer immediately and rectified quickly as a result of contingency planning.

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