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The 152nd Open Championship
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November 2, 2023


  • This is a vocal role which will see you providing assistance and direction to spectators traveling to and from the course and answering questions they may have.
  • After the appropriate training, be fully aware of entrance and egress plans for your specific area ensuring the safe movement of spectators and the general public.
  • This role can be quick changing and positions could be altered during a shift so the ability to remain flexible is required.
  • Have a caring and compassionate approach to any spectators with any disability (including hidden disabilities) focusing on supporting their safety, wellbeing, and ability to access the course.
  • Remain calm, displaying a high level of patience in challenging circumstances.
  • A briefing sheet will be provided to assist when communicating key messages to the public as well as a staff handbook/map to show you all the facilities available to the spectators at The Open.


  • Experience in communicating with the general public at any level is favourable.
  • Not Required but good local/ Open knowledge is favourable.


  • Ability to work within a dynamic team environment.
  • Good Communication Skills.
  • Friendly and welcoming manner, with a high standard of customer service.
  • Basic Problem Solving.





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The 152nd Open Championship